Every professional sound engineer or enthusiast to make music will know that the best method to cut MP3 files is, an audio editing software.

Once extracted the part I want, I can proceed to enhance the quality of the audio or replace it with another audio file.

However, most people do not even want to do that and what they want is just the part of that beautiful song, or podcast or whatever. There are free MP3 cutters software tools everywhere, which are easy to use, reliable and delivers decent results.

I have tested them all, and these are free MP3 cutter software tools that works:

Free Mp3 Cutter Joiner

When it comes to get the job done and receive the expected results with a user-friendly platform, Free MP3 Cutter Joiner stands out from the crowd. Even though is hard to find good, reliable and free MP3 cutter software, this is the one you are looking for.

Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

You can visually cut the exact part of any MP3 file, join audio formats into bigger ones, it supports up to 30 audio formats besides MP3 and it’s completely free with no limitations and with no sign-up.

It is either available for Windows and Mac and it works perfectly to cut audio into different pieces and trim the unwanted parts. Also, it works as an audio files converter and all kind of instruments to start creating your own beats.


MixPad is a well-known competitor that has been around for years, delivering excellent results and with a solid platform for users. On the software, you can easily cut, join and mix a massive amount of audio tracks with no skills nor knowledge.


There are many things positive with this great software, including the fact it is completely free for non-commercial users. It has been the trustful older for everybody all these years for something.

However, when it comes to features and tools, probably this is the area where it lacks the most. It is not as versatile and feature-rich as Free MP3 Cutter Joiner.


Cutting MP3 parts of any audio file without compromising quality is tough and a few free MP3 software can do that. MP3DirectCut is also another strong competitor because it does all tasks in a simple manner.


Literally, a child might use it and make a great beat. You do not need to code and decode the audio files on this platform and it’s well known to be one of the fastest free MP3 software of the market.

As it happens with MixPad, it lacks features that Free MP3 Cutter Joiner has.

However, there are no doubts about how useful and important this free MP3 software it is. It comes in a lightweight version and it’s completely free to use.