Almost all people who are interested in music and are ingenious enough to look for a music file to listen to it offline on their computers or music players have experienced the frustration of hearing a great song and then getting excited and trying to download it, obtain it via a friend or simply ripping it from a CD album to find out after doing all the hassle of finding the file that the music file you just obtained is just not a popular one (heck, some music players only play one or a selected few file formats) and it is not compatible with your music player.

It happens not only for music files. Some recorders only produce audio files that are only compatible with their audio players and some other music players only reproduce an audio file format that is specially made for them. That is why audio converters have become (and continue to) so popular and necessary for people who work in the music industry as well as for the common folk who enjoys music a lot and listens to them from multiple different sources.

Even though audio converters are so popular and necessary, there aren’t many of them that are good enough to satisfy most people needs (whether its quality, number of formats to convert or other useful and needed functionalities), especially for Mac. That is the reason why All2Mp3 is such a good option for people who want a complete audio converter that does what it is supposed to do without losing audio quality and with some features that will definitely be useful to many people.

All2Mp3 is a completely free audio converter that allows you to convert tons of audio formats to MP3 like WAV, M4A, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG, among others. This way you can enjoy your favorite tunes in any music player.

One of the features that are the second most attractive thing of All2MP3 is it’s intuitive, simplistic and minimalistic design which allows the user to use the application without mistakes, misunderstandings, and errors while also being super easy to use without losing its effectiveness. This is a really good thing for both existing and new users.

You may be wondering if All2MP3’s design is the second most attractive feature of it, what is the most attractive one? Well, it is All2Mp3’s ability to quickly and reliably convert tons of different audio file types into the popular and widely adopted MP3 format without losing any quality (If you wish to). Most audio converters focus just on one thing, user friendliness or effectiveness. All2MP3 mixes both to create an astonishing audio converter that no one can match.

If you just look at the list of file types that it can convert to MP3 you will see that having All2Mp3 installed on your computer will satisfy all of your audio file conversion needs for a long time as there aren’t many popular audio file types that this program can’t convert.

They have achieved all of this through years of experience and customer feedback. In fact, All2MP3 has been around for over 10 years which is probably why they have become the best audio converter for Mac.

If you want to convert an audio file but the file size concerns you and you are willing to lower the quality of the converted file, All2MP3 has an option to adjust the quality of the converted file. These options range from less to middle, good and super. Also, it can delete the original files when the converted one is complete if you wish to do so. This way you can maximize storage space to your liking.

Another thing that All2MP3 has in its favor is that they include a really useful help section which provides a lot of really great information about all the things that AllMP3 can do. This makes All2MP3 really convenient for new users.

For those who musical and audio file conversion is just not enough, All2MP3 got your back. It can work as an audio extractor that rips the audio from a video which gives the application the ability to convert almost any video to MP3 so you can extract songs from your favorite music videos or maybe make great audio novels from movies you got online. No other audio converter for Mac is this complete and useful. All2MP3 for Mac supports many formats for video to MP3 conversions like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, H.264, DivX, XviD, FLV and any HD/FHD/4K video formats.

No one wants to spend a lot of their precious time converting a few audio files so it is important to pick a program that can convert files in a quick manner. Thankfully, All2MP3’s conversion speed is one of the best in the market. Most small audio files will get converted in a matter of seconds and larger ones in a few minutes (keep in mind that it also depends on your hardware).

In conclusion, All2MP3 is definitely the best audio converter for Mac I have used (and I have used a lot of them). There are some that come a little close but All2MP3 is just way too good to not use it. It has an amazing and really easy to use interface that makes starting to use All2MP3 simple. It has many additional features like video to mp3 conversion and converted file quality selection. It is really great at converting music and audio files to MP3 very quickly. It has a huge list of supported audio file types. All2MP3 has it all to be the uncontested king of audio file conversion on Mac. Here is the link to their website: so you can download it and enjoy a really great audio conversion experience.