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5 Best Mac Cleaner you must to have

While Macs may seem like they don’t need any special attention unlike those pesky WINDOWS computers, they actually do. And more than we may like to admit. After a period of time, you may notice your Mac slowing down. While viruses may not be the problem, clutter is. Much like in Windows computers, just having a lot of unnecessary processes open in the background will slow your Mac down.

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Free Online PDF to DOC Converter for Fast and Limitless PDF to Word Conversion

These days we’ve been using PDF more and more to transfer documents because PDF can be shared across many computer platforms and usually any computer with a proper PDF reader can open it without trouble. However, Word has not been abandoned because PDF is extremely unfriendly to users with editing needs while PDF has a bunch of other disadvantages:

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Convert images to text with the top 5 free OCR software

Last summer I got a project to edit the images. It was easy however, there was a task to convert the image into the text format and edit some of the lines. I was confused that how it is possible. A friend suggested me to use the OCR software.

I searched online for the software and found that there are several options available. So I started to test the one that was providing free services. Here I have top 5 free OCR software that I found to be the best.

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