Last summer I got a project to edit the images. It was easy however, there was a task to convert the image into the text format and edit some of the lines. I was confused that how it is possible. A friend suggested me to use the OCR software.

I searched online for the software and found that there are several options available. So I started to test the one that was providing free services. Here I have top 5 free OCR software that I found to be the best.

1-Free OCR to Word

Free OCR to Word is the most efficient software that I came across. It has been equipped with the latest features and I came across the following benefits while using the product:

  • It allowed me to convert OCR to Word
  • I was able to extract the text from all format of image files
  • The software allowed me to directly scan the documents and files
  • The best thing was the 98% accuracy of the software that allowed me to submit the best assignment
  • I translated all the images with perfection and there was no need to use a paper

2-Cognitive OpenOCR

This OCR tool was a reliable application that recognized many languages and so I was able to translate every image. I loved the wizard in the software that allowed me to easily understand the features and options of the platform. The results it generated were excellent and it was easy to use. The feature that I loved was the best resolution and quality results.


I was attracted by the SimpleOCR‘s writing options that were available in the tool that made it easier for me to change the font and make it readable.

  • When I connected it with the scanner it directly from the device
  • It provided me proper control over the selection of images, texts, and other features
  • It allowed me to save the files in txt format


TopOCR is exactly what I need for a break away from the typical OCR software. It loved the fact that it was capable of working with the digital cameras and the smartphones. It allowed me to read the image from the camera and the scanner separately with the help of two window interface. I found that it is capable of working with 11 languages and it can support different image formats.


While testing the software I found that FreeOCR has been developed with the Tesseract OCR code that provided the most accurate results. It had the simple interface and supported the TIFF image files. It allowed me to adjust the contrast of the image for better readability.

Bottom line

Free OCR to Word was the best among all as it provided me with the top quality services and amazing results that I required. However, you will have your own say in this procedure and I would advise that you select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. Do not forget to share your opinion with us.